Pochette de l'album Freynet



Rooted in their Franco-Manitoban heritage, the sister and brother duo blends traditional elements of country, jazz and classical music to produce contemporary forms of folk. Drawing upon folksy narratives, Geneviève Freynet and Pierre Freynet’s first album relates stories that are inspired by the past as well revelations they’ve experienced and family legacies they’ve inherited. By way of their catchy and emotive melodies, the messages conveyed through their songs are just as relevant today thanks to their timeless and universal themes.

The first song on the album, “Tabitha,” is an old-time folk tune embedded with a contemporary electric sound, which drives home a sense of urgency through its lively rhythm and emotionally charged timbre. Out of respect for generations of women that were unable to enjoy the same opportunities as men, this song tells the story of Tabitha, a woman who resigns herself to a life as a nun due to lack of available options.

“Ce que Grand-maman disait” has a more playful quality and is rendered in a modern folk-bluegrass style. Inspired by the sayings of their grandmother, Pierre and Geneviève weave together lyrics based on a compilation of French Canadian proverbs. By virtue of this song, the Freynet duo honours past wisdom by adding their own contemporary touch.

Interspersed throughout this first Freynet album are universal themes from which all listeners can derive personal meaning, including heartbreak, carpe diem and the courage needed to overcome difficult situations. As a result of the genuine feelings that inspired these compositions, listeners will come away having experienced a deluge of emotions: joy, sadness, frustration, nostalgia and peace.